Allan Johnston

Director of Content

Jake Attwell

Executive Producer

"Matt was a fantastic find and a very valuable addition to our production team.  He is a calm, diligent, thorough, and extremely well-mannered individual who is thoughtful and very alert to ever-changing production needs.  He always goes the extra mile and is a pleasure to work with."

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of working for Matt on several projects as part of the Bearkatt team.  He is innovative and creative, caring, committed, and a great communicator both within the team and with contributors.   I once sat in awe as I listened to Matt gain access to a key contributor for a challenging documentary.  He handled it with skill and understanding all underpinned with a desire and a determination to get what he wanted for the programme.  If he becomes available don't miss the opportunity to work with him!"

What people say about me...

"Having worked extensively with Matt on a number of projects, I'd have no hesitation in recommending his enthusiasm, common sense, diplomacy and ability to get the best from people."

Graham Ebbs

Managing Director / Executive Producer

Matt Bennett

Executive Producer

Louise Murray

Production Manager

"Matt spent the best part of 6 weeks on location setting up one of the most difficult films of this year's Extreme World series, a programme concerning the 3000 homeless migrants living rough in the French town of Calais, all of them trying to illegally smuggle themselves into Britain. He achieved many brilliant things, not least developing excellent relationships with people from both sides of the divide. The migrants' were especially reluctant to appear on camera, but Matt succeeded to convince them to give us access to their lives and the camps in which they live. Matt is one of the best APs I've had the pleasure to work with. He's incredibly tenacious, always has an eye on editorial detail and will always come up with a creative solution to any problem. He thinks outside the box, never misses a trick and will explore every avenue of a story or subject. It's a great shame my series is coming to an end for I would keep Matt on indefinitely, or until he'd have enough of me! I can't recommend him enough."

"Matt is a dedicated and resourceful AP. He is a great team player and is very thorough and creative with his ideas. He is a great asset to any production he works on."

"Matt's a tenacious and talented researcher / AP. He worked under alot of pressure on Drugs INC for 7 months, and faced all the gruelling demands we placed on him - fact checking, stat finding, developing, pitch writing, archive clearance - all with exceptional speed and efficiency, as well as a huge smile! He's great on the phone and excellent with a camera. We're determined to get him back and out on location next series - and are sad to see him go (even if only temporarily)!"

Ralph Perring

Series Producer

"Matt is one of the best up and upcoming producers in the business right now. I've worked with him on several projects over the past few years and have been hugely impressed with not only his research skills but also his relentless efforts on location, his fantastic handling of contributors and his overall dedication to making the best film possible. He's a great character to work with-always positive, professional and determined. Can't recommend him enough."

Tom Watson

Series Producer

I worked with Matt on 'Hugh and the Ivory War', a two part factual doc series for BBC1, made by Keo Films and broadcast in Oct 2016. He handled research and filming in the UK, Mozambique and Myanmar for the project. He was extremely competent, charming and easy going. He was great with contributors and was unshaken under pressure. The series required solo, and group, travel to difficult destinations where we undertook undercover research and filming with serious risks. Matt was unfazed by this. I fully recommend Matt for documentary work and very much hope to work with him again in the future.

Jacky Sloane

Series Producer

Nick Poyntz

Producer / Director

Matt, was great to work with on Life and Death Row. A great shooter, highly organised, dedicated, extremely hard working and good company too throughout. Filming an extremely demanding story and covering huge distances in Texas he was completely reliable and delivered to an exceptionally high standard. I look forward to working with Matt again.

Tom Beard

Series Director

Matt has worked with me on two very different, though equally demanding series for BBC One - and has been key member of the team I relied upon for each. He's pro-active, a quick thinker with a can-do attitude. He's great at building close and effective relationships with very varied contributors, sometimes in highly challenging circumstances. And he's technically proficient, quick to grasp new kit, and is developing a good shooting eye. He's got solid editorial judgement and engages enthusiastically and usefully in discussions on narrative development.